SME is an Anionic Surfactant, which is the active cleaning ingredient in laundry detergents. It is primarily used in detergent formulas as a substitute to the current surfactant workhorse, Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate (LABSA),


  • Made from Renewable Natural Resources
  • Excellent Bio-degradability (Environmental friendly)
  • Improved Calcium Hardness Tolerance during the washing process
  • Superior Detergency
  • Soft on Hands

SME is available in :-

  • Flakes - For Liquid applications (Handwash, Dishwash etc.)
  • Powder – For Powder Detergents


A wide range of soap compositions for different formulations and quality aspects, which meet varied needs of users in the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Laundry Detergent Manufacturing industries. These provide better Perfume Retention and subsequent release.

Toilet grade Soap Noodles are available in various grades.

  • 70:30
  • 80:20
  • 85:15
  • 90:10
  • Multipurpose & various other grades