The Polymerised Fatty Acids we offer are of EUROPEAN ORIGIN. These are produced by coupling reactions of Unsaturated Fatty Acids, resulting in products with two acid groups (so-called “Dimer Acids”) or three acid groups (“Trimer Acids”). Due to its multi-functionality, they are important raw materials in the production of speciality polymers.

They impart or enhance a number of properties :-

  • Hydrolytic Stability
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • High Renewability Content
  • Building Block
  • Flexibility
  • Bio Stable
  • Fire Resistant
  • Hydrophobicity / Water Repellency

Polymerised Fatty Acids are important raw materials in the production of Reactive and Non-Reactive Polyamide Resins. These are also used in a variety of industrial and consumer care applications. The highly lipophilic (oil-loving) structure providing unique performance benefits in lubricants, metal-working fluids, fuel additives, personal care products, corrosion inhibitors and rheology modifiers.

Product Range Includes :-

  • PRIPOL 1017
  • PRIPOL 1029
  • PRIPOL 1045 and several other grades