We offer a range of Natural Fatty Alcohols produced in Indonesia under stringent quality control processes, providing product consistency and reliability.

Saturated Fatty Alcohols are widely used in surfactants for Personal Care, Oral Care, Laundry Detergents, Dish Washing Liquids, Surface Cleaners, Cosmetics, Creams and Lotions. Other industrial applications include Anti-oxidant, Flavour & Fragrances, Fabric Softner, Plasticizer, Metal Working, Agro Chemical Intermediates etc. These are also available in RSPO grades.

Unsaturated Fatty Alcohols are commonly used in applications at lower temperature. They are used in Personal Care, Skin Care And Cosmetics, Hair Treatment, Agricultural Chemicals, Defoaming, Polymer Processing, Metal Working, Printing, Ore Floatation, Textile Industry, Leather Industry.


- Single Cut Natural Fatty Alcohol

  • Octyl Alcohol (min. 98% purity)
  • Decyl Alcohol (min. 98% purity)
  • Lauryl Alcohol (min. 98% purity)
  • Myristyl Alcohol (min. 98% purity)
  • Cetyl Alcohol (min. 98% purity)
  • Stearyl Alcohol (min. 98% purity)

- Mixed Cut Natural Fatty Alcohol

  • Octyl Decyl Alcohol (C810)
  • Lauryl Myristyl Alcohol (C1214/C1216/c1218)
  • Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol (C1618 – various combinations)

- Unsaturated Fatty Alcohol

  • Oleyl Cetyl Alcohol (OCA - 50/55, 60/65, 70/75, 80/85 Types)
  • Oleyl Alcohol (90/95 Type)