Produced in UK and Indonesia, Speciality and Micronised silicas are structured fine particles derived from silica and alumina. Silica Gels and Precipitated Silicas are a form of Silicon Dioxide, the same compound that occurs in nature as sand. However, sand is a crystalline, non-porous form of Silicon Dioxide, whereas Silica Gels and Precipitated Silicas are Amorphous (non-crystalline) and highly porous. By carefully controlling surface area, pore volume, particle size distribution, impurities, coatings, and other key characteristics, a range of products optimized for different end uses is produced.

We offer different grades for following applications :


  • As Antiblocks for polymers, Processing Aids for plastics


    - Oral Care

    • As abrasive/Cleaning Booster, Thickener/Filler.
    • This is a range of dental silicas that deliver high cleaning performance with controlled abrasion, act as thickening agents and as sensory particles.

    - Cosmetics

    • Skin care and scrub specialities.


PQ Manufactures a wide range of catalysts for polyolefin production and chemical synthesis. These catalysts are available in different shapes and structures, surface area and pore volumes. The chemistry can be tailored with Cr, Cr/Ti, or Cr/Al, and other metals. In addition, customised catalysts may be prepared. PQ polyolefin silica catalysts are used commercially in both slurry loop and gas phase process for end uses such a as blow moulding, film, pipe and wire/cable.